Yellowknife Old Town Soundwalk App Officially Launches..

Rosanna Strong and I made an app. We launched it with fish chowder on the government wharf.
It’s an audio tour around Yellowknife’s historical and quirky neighbourhoods. All kinds of fun extras like ‘Talk Like An Old Towner’ (honey bags, pluggers and more!), local music and archival photos and maps by the talented Myka Jones.

Here me yammer on about it here on CBC North’s The Trailbreaker

And download the app for Android here. Apple users will have to wait a few weeks for the release.

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  1. Boris Atamanenko Says:

    Nice piece by Loren on CBC North Trailbreaker. Biggest ups to Janna Graham for the vision to do the Soundwalk! You are helping preserve YK legacy!

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