Old Town Soundwalk Launches

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Last weekend I launched the Old Town Soundwalk on 107.5 fm.

The hardy souls who braved the rain were woven through Old Town with the help of a transistor radio. The 2-watt transmission was courtesy of the transmitter technicians at CBC North (obsolete equipment re-tuned for the soundwalk) and the mayor, Gordon Van Tighem, and his wife, Carol, kindly allowed me to mount the antenna on their clothes line.

The walk starts in Willow Flats and ends at the Wild Cat Cafe. Total soundwalk time is about an hour and twenty minutes.

The radio station will be running sporadically throughout the summer but is only available in Old Town, Yellowknife.
To sample the soundwalk anytime, or to take a walk from the comfort of your own home, the pieces are all available for downloading or streaming HERE..


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