Northener Than You

I’m not going to lie. Downtown Yellowknife is not a pretty city. It’s an awkward mishmash of prefabricated buildings and blocky apartment buildings peppered with mobile homes squeezed into every available lot. 1930s prospector era shacks are left to woefully sink into the ground beside generic duplexes with vinyl siding.

Of course, this bizarre urban menagerie is easy to overlook. This town has so much charm it’s ridiculous.

Today, for instance, was the final heat of the Canadian Dogsled Derby. The starting line was on one of Yellowknife’s many lakes, just behind City Hall.

Most of these sled dogs were a cross between husky and german shorthaired pointer. They live to run. This is what they sounded like just a minute before the start.

photo credit: Kate Kyle

I’m north but I’m still just a goose down parka wearin’ southern girl picking my way along the frozen ground. But I’ve met some filmmakers and story-tellers that are much more northern than me.

“Northerner Than You” Talk show Intro from COLLECTIVE9 on Vimeo.

Stay tuned for the scintillating saga of yours truly in the land of ice roads, frozen lakes, urban foxes and and chubby ptarmigans.

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  1. buzz Says:

    I am SO jealous!

    So you gonna get polar into this?

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